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"Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have changed business forever. If solopreneurs and small businesses don't learn how to optimize their use of this technology, they will lose business to more mobile-savvy competitors."

- Damon Cockrel

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About the Author

Damon Cockrel is a mobile strategist, entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author. He has counseled individuals, professionals, businesses, schools and government agencies on mobile strategies for over thirty years.

Mobile strategies for small businesses lie at the core of Damon’s mobility practice. Most are not optimizing the use of their current mobile assets or leveraging mobile marketing to extend their brand.

“I’m an entrepreneur. Through the course of my career, I’ve made a lot of money and I’ve been flat broke. Owning a business is hard. It took many small businesses way too long to take advantage of the Internet revolution. Now, we’re in a Mobile revolution and I’m here to make sure that small business owners stay ahead of the game this time."

An exciting and dynamic speaker, Damon has a unique ability to convey complex ideas in ways that educate, entertain and engage.

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